Rare Silver Certificates: What are the Most Valuable Silver Certificates?

Most silver certificates are worth only a small premium over their actual face value. For example, the common 1935 and 1957 certificates would sell for $1.25 to $1.50 in average circulated condition.  A note of this type in uncirculated condition would fetch a bit more, perhaps $2.00 to $4.00.

Many collectors purchase silver certificates because of their rich history, uniqueness, and love of paper money.  However, for the serious currency investor, their are a few notes worth obtaining for their monetary value and opportunity for appreciation.  I've compiled a list of some of the more valuable notes available on the market today:

1.  FR-251 - 1899 $2.00 Agricultural & Mechanics large-sized note, with a serial number of one.  This certificate in GEM uncirculated 65 condition is practically priceless.  For the untutored collector, a bill in GEM uncirculated 65 condition is absolutely perfect.  It would have no tears, stains, rips, or folds.  It would have razor sharp corners, absolutely perfect margins and no pinholes whatsoever.  In other words, it would be a bill that is in absolute perfect condition!

What makes this note so special?
a. LOW serial number of D1
b. Extremely high certified grade
c. One time MATCHING signature combination of VERNON-TREAT

I discovered one such note on eBay, selling for over $20 million dollars!

2.  FR-268 -1896 $5.00 Educational certificate.  It has a GEM uncirculated 68 condition - which indicates maximum perfection.

What makes this note so special?
a. The final Educational Note series
b. The only known CGA GEM-68 that exists
c. One time MATCHING signature combination of TILLMAN-MORGAN.

Other rare notes worth collecting:

1.  Two - 1896 $1.00 large-size Educational Silver Certificates
These are absolutely beautiful notes:

a.  Only 6 serial numbers
b.  2 Consecutives (very rare!).
c.  High Grade
d. Only Lowest high-grade, consecutive serial number in existence

This pair was selling for over $84,000!

2.  FR-330 - 1891 $50.00 Silver Certificate
There are only 6 of these notes in existence and only a couple ever seen in public.  I discovered one selling on eBay, in PMG Fine 12
condition, for $23,000

3.  FR-23 - 1886 $5.00 certificate.
In PCGS 65 condition, this one was fetching in the neighborhood of $27,000.

4.  FR-343 - 1891 $100.00 Silver Certificate.  Only 15 of these notes are known to exist.  I found on selling on eBay, in in PMG Fine 12 condition, for $16,500.

As you can see, there are many unique, rare and very valuable silver certificates worth collecting and investing in. Before purchasing any paper money online, always do your homework, ask questions, investigate the reputation of the seller carefully, and make sure a 100% full, money-back guarantee
is offered on the sale!

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much is a 1935 $1 Silver Certificate worth in mint condition?

I found a $1 Silver Certificate from 1935 and I'm just wondering how much it is worth.

Go to any coin dealer and look it up in the latest BLUE BOOK

Don't rely on what the dealer himself tells you, they only buy when they can steal something..they thrive on buying estates where the heirs have no idea what things are worth and don't want to put any time or effort into finding out or disposing of currency, coins or stamps * ...or old stock certificates or bonds.


I recently bought some similar to what you found, as Christmas presents last year, and paid anywhere from $5 to about $20.

The one you have MAY be worth a goldmine if it has special features or has only a very limited number in circulation. The fewer things there are of ANYthing, the more valuable they become for just that reason.

I would frame it beautifully and put in on a wall, and sell it that way..you might get several hundred dollars for it..everything is in the marketing and presentation !!!!

You already have something very valuable becuase it's in such great condition...why sell it, it is going to keep going up in value !!!

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